Four band members lounging on cushions and seats surrounded by an eclectic mix of props. A staircase rises behind them with a woman stretched out on the banister.
il Creatura, 2018. Set design by Iryss Opal.
Four band members pose in front of a black background. The image is dark and grainy.
il Creatura, 2018
A white bald man crouches in front of a baby blue background. He is wearing a pink hoodie.
Shawn Jobin, 2019
A bald white man is back lit by a rectangular white light. He is wearing a white t-shirt with a denim jacket half off.
Shawn Jobin, 2019
A portrait of a white bald man wearing a pink hoodie and denim jacket.
Shawn Jobin, 2019
A white man and woman lit with orange blurred across the screen.
Actor Director, 2022
A softly lit portrait of a white man and woman.
Actor Director, 2022
Five band members sitting on a staircase looking down at the camera. The image is edited so that the colors are offset.
The Radiant, 2022
A soft grey image of two white men looking opposite directions.
Factor Eight X Iain Howie, 2019
A sepia toned image of a person standing in a field surrounded by trees. They are holding a book as pages fall out.
Hattie, 2018
A white man with shoulder length blond hair wearing a white shirt, overalls, and backwards baseball cap is well lit against a dark grey background.
Hattie, 2020
A grainy and abstract portrait of two men.
Factor Eight X Iain Howie, 2019
A portrait of a white woman's face. She has long brown hair and has a delicate shadow of foliage cast upon her face.
Vaeromusiq, 2016
A black and white image of a black woman and white man standing next to each other facing in. They are backlit against a white background.
We Were Lovers, 2016
Three band members standing facing each other. One of them is holding up a triangular light framing their faces. Then image is tinted purple.
Young Benjamins, 2016
A bold black and orange portrait of a person at a 45 degree angle.
Zann Foth, 2019