A curated portfolio of both client and personal projects I've completed over the years.


Art Headshots

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Product Photography

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A pair of grey concrete earrings with gold trim and chain with circle and semicircle shapes on a white pedestal.
White man with blonde hair wearing all black walking in front of a large window carrying a black bag with the word Remai printed in yellow on it.
Pottery in the shapes of animals atop white pedestals on a rainbow coloured background with flowers.
Stainless steel scissors half open on a white background.


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A modern home with rustic wooden touches well lit against the late evening sky.
Interior shot of a bright hair salon space. There are large windows that bring in lots of light and the walls are white with brown leather chairs.
A well lit large home against a late evening sky. Stars can be seen in the sky against the silhouette of trees.
A brightly lit indoor stairwell under a large window. The railings are black and minimalistic and the surrounding walls are a pale blue.


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Walnut and Wenge coffee table.
Laser engraved walnut wood tarot card box with deck of cards inside being pulled up by ribbon and a hand.
Walnut and oak wooden record holder stand with drawer and small hairpin metal legs.
Walnut wooden speaker stand with live edge.

Wedding & Family

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White bride and groom touching foreheads holding white flowers amongst trees.
Woman in white dress wearing a ring with hand on husbands shoulder. Looking out of frame.
Black and white image of a young white man wearing a black suit in front of trees.
Bride wearing a white dress standing in a grassy field holding a bouquet of flowers with her partners hand on her waist.


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Low angle photo of a black Toyota Celsior artificially lit in a parking garage. Low rider.
Wide angle shot of a white man riding a motorcycle on a paved road during sunset with motion blur.
Black rim of a black and red Toyota BRZ on an angle with Yokohama branding above the wheel well.
Front headlight of a red and black Toyota BRZ with carbon fiber hood.


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Two women sitting in soft sunlight. They are wearing various shades of tan and cream with their hair pulled back.Two women dancers silhouetted against a grated window.Two dancers walking lazily down an indoor concrete ramp. The woman is wearing an orange jumpsuit and the man is wearing a blue jumpsuit.A glass reflected image of a man driving a truck through the prairie in winter.