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Product Photography

A pair of grey concrete earrings with gold trim and chain with circle and semicircle shapes on a white pedestal.
White man with blonde hair wearing all black walking in front of a large window carrying a black bag with the word Remai printed in yellow on it.
Pottery in the shapes of animals atop white pedestals on a rainbow coloured background with flowers.
Stainless steel scissors half open on a white background.
5 cream coloured candles depicting the female form on a black background with reflections underneath each candle.
A collection of green bags of sprouting seeds with two jars on each side with an open sandwich and vegetables in the foreground. On a white background.
A pair of dark wooden sunglasses with black metal frames on a white background.
Black coffee mug with Remai Modern printed on it in yellow text on a white background.
Dark wooden watch with dark metal faceplate on a white background.
Grey concreate necklace with gold trim and chain with circle and semi circle shapes on a white pedistal